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Hana, a tough college girl, loves an enigmatic guy who attends one of her classes but is not a true student. He’s not even human, as it turns out. He transforms on a full moon night, showing that he was the last waswolf alive. Nevertheless, the love of Hana remains high, and both eventually chose to start a family.

Two healthy children, Ame born in rainfall and Yuki born in snow fall, both of whom have an ability to transform into wolves, a feature inherited from their dad, are born to Hana. Much too quickly however, Hana ‘s life is shattered by the sudden death of her lover which leaves her to raise her own family. Although keeping their name a secret, the burden of educating their wild children in a heavily populated city culminates in the decision to migrate to the rural environment, which Ame and Yuki would hope for in their lives away from society’s judgements. Wolf Children is the warming tale about the struggles of becoming a single mother in a persistent modern world.


  • Type: Movie
  • Audio: Hindi
  • Episodes: 1
  • Status: Finished Airing
  • Aired: Jul 21, 2012
  • Producers: Madhouse, VAP, Dentsu, Yomiuri Telecasting, Kadokawa Shoten, Toho, Hiroshima Television
  • Licensors: Funimation
  • Studios: Studio Chizu
  • Source: Original
  • Genres: Fantasy, Slice of Life
  • Duration: 1 hr. 57 min.
  • Rating: PG – Children

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