Saturday, September 11, 2021

Anime Movie

FLCL (OVAs + Movies) 1080p Dual Audio Bluray In English Audio With Subtitles

In a city that never seems to happen something spectacular, Naota Nandaba is an average sixth grader. When Naota leaves Tasuku towns in America, he takes charge of all Tasuku left behind — from its highest bed to its fellow, Mamimi Samejima, who after Tasuku left has not really stopped keeping to Naota. However, Naota […]

In This Corner of the World 1080p Dual Audio In English Audio With Subtitles

Suzu Uranus is a pure girl who likes to draw. Because of her unceasing dreaming, her frustration, but also the pleasure of her loved ones, she can be quite the airhead. She grew up outside Hiroshima City, Japan, and with her family she lived a common yet glad life. But after some time, Suzu has […]